Food Logistics Hackathon, Nigeria

A 2-day hackathon combining industry and scholarly approach to solve agricultural issues in logistics, mechanization, data analysis and marketing.

Where: University of Ibadan

When: April 21st-22nd 2017

9am - 6pm (both days)

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Nigerians only


Build a value chain Web and Mobile solution (Web service, App, USSD interaction, scalable hardware design that will be IoT connected etc) on AGRICULTURAL ISSUES

How to enter

Click on the "Register" to sidebar on the right,

OR Visit and enter details on the homepage to pre-register and contact us.

Registration closes March 31st


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Tunji Alao
CEO at VacantBoards

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Helen Ese Emore
CEO at Avantage Projects

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Sheriff Shittu
CEO @ Switch Academy

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Funmilayo Amarvi
Digital Marketing Executive

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Oluwaseye Afolabi
CEO at Ogba Ajara farms

Judging Criteria

  • Design
    How easy is the design layout and interaction for the target users?
  • Functionality
    Is the idea presented functional given the time constraint?
  • Marketable
    Will it break the market easily?
  • Scalability
    Is the idea scalable?
  • Focus
    Does the presentation tackle the related topic?
  • Presentation
    How was the presentation?